Friday, October 23, 2009

The Undy is in 1 week!!

Hi All-

The 2nd annual Undy 5000 is 1 week away....October 31st!!! We are getting closer to our goals but still have a little ways to go.

If you haven't registered yet, please sign up. If you are already signed up, encourage others to do so too. We are shooting for 1,000 participants this year and our fundraising goal is $100,000. I know we can do it, we just need your help.

Get the word out there to everyone....this is for a great cause.

The website is Here you can register, join a team or start your own team!!! Make sure to sign up by Monday @ midnight; the registration fee then goes up to $40.

We look forward to seeing all of you there. Also, if you would like volunteer at the event contact me at


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

2009 Undy 5000

Hi Everyone-

It's been a while since I last posted on here because I wasn't quite sure what to say. The family is doing ok and we are very grateful for all the prayers and support that you have been sending our way. It's a day-by-day struggle, which I'm sure many of you are experiencing as well. Just hold onto all the good memories and recognize the little "Kelly reminders" that are everywhere :) She pops up in my daily life in the funniest, more surprising places!!!

The 2nd annual Undy 5000 is scheduled for the morning of October 31, 2009. As many of you know, Kelly played a huge role is organizing the 2008 event and it was a HUGE success. I promised her that it would only get bigger and better every year....but I'm going to need your help to make that happen. I don't have any details right now but I thought that I should put the date out there so that you can mark your calendars.

Again, thank you for everything and I will post when I have more Undy info.
Casey, Kelly's sister

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Visitation and Funeral info

Hi All-

I know there has been a bit of confusion in regards to the visitaion location. We just finalized everything and the info below is correct.

Thank you

Wednesday June 10th
Ted Dickey West Funeral Home
8011 Frankford Road
Dallas, TX 75252

Thursday June 11th
Begins @ 11am
Messiah Lutheran Church
1801 W Plano Pkwy
Plano, TX 75075

Thursday June 11th
Following funeral ceremony
Sparkman Hillcrest Cemetery
7405 West Northwest Highway
Dallas, TX 75225
(214) 363-5401

Monday, June 8, 2009

She is now with the Lord

Hi Everyone-

After a long battle, Kelly is now at rest with the Lord. The most comforting thought to keep is that she is no longer in any pain or suffering. She had the chance to say goodbye to several people that were very close to her heart, even her precious dog Lola :)

Kelly was not afraid to go; her only concern was for those she was leaving behind. It hurts that she is gone, but she is now dancing with the angels!!

I will post funeral information as soon as it becomes available. THANK YOU for all the kind words and prayers. My sister was truly loved...and she knew that. Thank you for being a part of her life.

With love,
Jason, Joette, Dick and Casey

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Hospital Update

As many of you know probably know, I’m in the hospital right now. I will give the background story to catch everyone else up.

Jason and I went to the ER on Sunday night because I was having some low magnesium symptoms and needed to get some fluids. They saw that my blood oxygen level was low so they decided to admit me. They also noticed that my white blood cell count was up, which normally means there is an infection. Once again, they thought that I might have pneumonia. Monday around 5pm they moved me into ICU for a few reasons: they wanted to monitor my breathing and they didn’t have any hospital rooms available. After being on an oxygen mask for a while, they switched me over to the regular nose tube. Finally my breathing was regulated and I could move rooms.

Now I’m in the PCU area of the Grapevine hospital and I have my own room. They had me doing breathing treatments to work on my lung capacity and now I’m constantly on oxygen. I have switched up my pain meds a bit so now I’m on a morphine drip to keep my pain level to a minimum. We have decided to stop using any other medications (antibiotics, magnesium, and potassium) because they are not helping with my quality of life or breathing at this point. As bad as this might sound, I know that I am close to the end and that I will be in heaven soon.

I want to thank everyone for the prayers, cards, flowers, notes, phone calls, emails, and text messages. Your support has been amazing and helped me and my family so much through this entire process. At this time, I’m only seeing my immediate family.


Saturday, May 30, 2009

Sorry for my absence

I know my last post was three days ago, but I cannot begin to explain how these crazy pain killers are affecting me!

So, picking up where I left off. I was at Dr. Jordan's, and she was telling me the full details of the CAT scan I had done in the hospital. The scan revealed that I don't have pneumonia, but I have had an increase in tumors and tumor sizes in several places. The pain in my lower back can probably be tied to the fact that I now have spots showing up on my right ovary. I had the left ovary removed in January, and at the time, the surgeon said my right ovary was clear.

The spots that are in/around my lungs have also grown several mm's or in a few cases, cm's. And, I have noticed personally that the tumors in the right upper neck area that are currently being treated with radiation are continuing to move...a little bit.

There is some good news to take away from this. One, we actually found a pain killer that works on my body. I was given hydrocodone (sp?) last time, and it didn't work one bit. Dilaudid works like a charm. Two, I only have 2 more radiation treatments left, and they are working for the most part. Three, the MD Anderson appointment is less than a week away. And to answer the popular question, no, I cannot get in earlier to Anderson. The people I am going to see are going to a conference next week, and won't be available for appointments until Friday.

I apoligize for leaving you hanging with my medical updates, but you have to follow what your body tells you to do.

Some family members are coming in town today and tomorrow, so I am looking forward to spending time with them.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Out of the hospital

I was able to leave the hospital on Monday around noon. I was going stir crazy in there! Note-I am on a new pain killer so please excuse any mistakes with grammar, spelling, etc.

I found out while in the hospital that I don't have pneumonia after all! That that was good news. But, they still couldn't figure out why magnesium, calcium, and potassium are below the required range. One theory was that my Nexium from my chemo induced acid reflux was causing the diarrhea. So, they stopped any kind of drug in the Nexium family. Not good, my coughing was worse.

Starting on Monday, I developed a pain in my lower back that I thought was coming from too much laying around. But, this was the same pain I developed right before I was told that the cancer had moved to the left ovary, so I wasn't 100% Woke up on Tuesday, at home, and the pain was worse. On Tuesday, I went to Dr. Jordans for my usual electrolytes infusions and some pain killers.

-I will finish the story tomorrow, my pain killer is making it impossible to focus on the computer screen-